Friday, May 24, 2019

Human Behavior in Organization in Global Perspective Essay

Organizational appearance is a study that investigates the effect that individuals, groups and structures have on behavior within an organization for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an organizations effectiveness. Human behavior in organization defines also on how the employees work in certain organization, on how we build the interpersonal relationship towards to the superior and co-workers, according to the Maslows theory the people get motivated by the five categories of maslows, this would be help the employee to more productive in his work and contribute to the organization, essentially, when we speak human behavior in organization, it is the behavior of the employees internal the organization, on now they act in their perspectives work and on how they do their duties inside the organization.How-ever in some cases people get motivated in money, with this they develop their skills in raise to get some incentives, money is also one of the factors that people are motivated but there is a negative side on this, sometimes this are this factors that we are always depend in.Human behavior in organization in global perspective defines that on how the employees work in different company and also the relationship on organization to another organization, it is also the motivating factor of the bout company and the employee on how they interact inside and outside the organization, in order them to build the relationship inside and outside of the organization, it is also make the organization be more effectiveness. One of those motivating factors is the ethics, basically ethics in organization is important to make the employees be more productive to their work, and ethics defines as the character of one person.In human behavior in organization in global perspective is the relationship of one people to another, it is also the relationship of one country to another in order to build a trust, for example the manager of one organization will go in other country to for some proposal of business in order to get the heart of the one country the leader must build a trust to his company first, with this global perspective defines as on how we deal to another.In management global perspective one of the keys to successful management is the ability to understand andapply modern management principles and techniques effectively. Managersmust develop an in-depth knowledge of historical and present models, theories andprocesses in order to manage effectively and intelligently. Contemporarymanagement practice is pervasive in every aspect of human life within all typesof organizations

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