Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Classic Philosophy and some Negative Characteristics of Contemporary Culture :: Philosophy Philosophical Papers

Classic Philosophy and some Negative Characteristics of Contemporary CultureABSTRACT This paper attempts to answer the question In what way could innocental philosophy be useful to overcome shortcomings of the contemporary culture? A response to this question is preceded by considerations about the meaning of the valet de chambre culture as well as delineating much(prenominal) features of the contemporary culture and their origins which, in common opinion, are evidence of its crisis. If it is proposed to return to classical philosophy in arrangement to remedy the contemporary culture and humanity, it is because this philosophy, due to its specific character, through the acceptance of real truth and real goodness as reasons for justifying both the order of cognition and the moral order, establishes that which is called culture on the bases of realism and secures its bases against subjectivism, relativism and pragmatism. Within classical philosophy, humankind learns an essential tr uth about itself, namely that human beings are not exclusively happening events because of human nature and essence, but that humans are persons which constitute a certain ontic fundament for historic processes and guarantee identity of being.Issues concerning the kind between philosophy and culture are of actual significance. The point is that, although philosophy is a component of culture, nevertheless, in view of its specific character, it is shaping it. Philosophy contributes to an mindset of culture, but the culture exerts an influence on the philosophy. Today, the failures of contemporary culture are not scarce heard but experienced every day. Sometimes, to express the evoke of present day culture, it is said the present culture is ill. The origin of these shortcoming is seen in philosophy and its way of diffusion. For even if philosophy is not the only factor of the outlook of culture, it is still one of its major causes. These circumstances are enough, I think, to ask a r easonable question In what way could classic philosophy be useful to overcome shortcomings of the contemporary culture?The Word CultureThe word culture is not quite clear. It is beyond this scope to specify diverse meanings of it. It would require an analyzing review of numerous definitions found both in common language and in scientific literature. It is maintained that there are hundreds of such definitions. Their common feature seems to be that they refer to culture as related, more or less consistently to the spiritual life of man. In other words spiritual life is referred to a concrete individual or to a social group.

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