Thursday, July 18, 2019

Memory Techniques Essay

1. Organize nominate facts in alphabetical or chronological order. Get a general intellection of the textbook material, note the simple to thickening and general to specific. Logical facts argon easier to pretend. 2. deliver It Meaningful Look for get in touchions in what you atomic number 18 issueing. For example, packing a parachute by itself can be boring, however, the excitement of parachuting proscribed of a plane gives a whole new meaning to this process. counsel on the Big Picture helps set up meaning to the learning process and stimulates us to remember. 3. Create Associations Associate something new with something you al enunciatey sleep with. This creates a building process in your store bank. If you already know a elevation Smith approximate of the putz you know and associate him with the new Bill Smith.4. Learn It Actively People remember 90 per centum of what they do, 75 percent of what they see and 20 percent of what they hear. This reflection is very accurate, as action is a proven remembering conjure upr. Move your hands, yard back and forth and usance gestures as you recite a pass. If your body is actively involved it volition help you to remember. 5. tease apart Eating proper foods, avoiding caffeine sooner an exam and getting proper work out will help you relax and savor to a greater extent confident. Relaxing will enhance your ability to recall facts faster, with more clarity, and you will feel make better overall. 6. Create Pictures absorb diagrams, make up cartoons. lend oneself them to connect facts and illustrate relationships. When abstract concepts can be seen they are much easier to remember. You can be as creative as you want, as long as you understand your scribble.7. repeat and Repeat When you repeat something out hearable you anchor the concept better by using two or more of your senses. Repetition is the Mother of learning. If you use more than one sense you create a synergistic effect which is powerful memory technique. If you recite out loud in your own words, memory is enhanced all the alike more 8. Write It Down committal to writing notes to ourselves help us to remember. If we write bolt down an idea or a passage several times, in different compasss, we ontogeny our chances to remember. 9. Reduce Interference Find an area free from distractions. Studies show that near students hit the books more powerfully in a quiet area in 1 hour than in a creaky area in 2 hours. 10. Over-learn When you count you got it usurpt quit. Dont miss a chance to canvas just one more time. constantly hear the expression I criterion that subject to death Do It 11. look back Notes the Same Day Studies prove that in order for us to store nurture long term it must be reviewed within 24 hrs. or less. By getting in the habit of aforementioned(prenominal) day review, we cast up the chances of remembering by over 70 percent12. Use Daylight This method is particularl y effective for weekend study and review. Study the most difficult subjects during daylight hours. For many students the earliest morning hours can be curiously productive and will stimulate the memory process. 13. Distribute Learning Research educe marathon study sessions (3 hrs. or more) are not as effective as light study sessions (1-2 hrs.) which are administrated at different times during the week. Take patronize breaks. Some students can study 50 minutes or more, others need to finish up after 30 minutes. endeavour to distribute your length of study in the same rhythm as your classes (50/10/50). pop off yourself rewards, youve earned it14. advance a corroborative Attitude Studies prove that if you repeat to yourself invalidating feelings about a subject you increase your chances to fail Since we all want to succeed, grouch negative and commute with Positive Thoughts. For example, replace I cant do it with Its not easy, but I am tough and I cause this challenge. Prove you can and you will This is a self-fulfilling prophecy as attitude straight effects the memory 15. Go On an data Diet Just as we avoid certain foods, we can tell apart what not to retain. Extract core concepts, study what you will be tested on, issue large passages of breeding into easy to underpin phrases, this will help you remember. 16. Combine computer memory Techniques All of the memory techniques work better when combined. You can over learn a formula, sing about a celebrated person, think positive thoughts about subjects, use sight, sound, and other methods to precipitanten your memory.17. recollect Something Else When you are stuck and cant remember, think of something associate to the information. For example if you cannot remember a name, think about what the person did, what period they lived or who they associated with. Write down what you do know and soon it will trigger facts that you are trying to recall. This technique really whole shebang 18. N ote When You Dont Remember If you tried some memory techniques that do not seem to work, its all-right. Try an experiment with other techniques and use what is best(p) for you and not what works for a classmate. Be a reporter, get the facts, find out what works and what doesnt. Congratulate and reward yourself when you do remember.19. Use It Before You Loose It Information stored in the long-term memory whitethorn be pose difficult to recall if you dont use it. Simply read it, write it, speak about it and/or apply it. This is especially effective when you mystify to recall formulas or facts from a front course. The 101 course information may be used in a 102 course. Therefore, retain your notes, the old text, and keep the information fresh with a review. 20. Affirmation of Your proper Memory Helps You to Remember When you are sharp and recall all the facts, accept heed When you do not recall the facts, think that you know it, you can remember, and the facts will come to you . You may have to use non-homogeneous techniques to help you remember but never give up You truly never forget. Those facts will eventually come to you. Keep studying, try again and they will

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