Monday, June 17, 2019

D6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

D6 - Essay ExampleTo a great extent, convergence is already taking place in organizations, because they are beginning to realize that managing electronic information successfully requires a collaborative approach throughout the organization rather than compartmentalizing information into various departments.(Petersen, 2006). Thus, engineering convergence that is producing information convergence is transforming organizations into networked, integrated entities. Businesses are increasingly networking with business across the globe in outsourcing their operations so that they can focus on their core competencies. As Mishra(no date) also points out, technology convergence offers other advantages, much(prenominal) as a decrease in the costs of voice and data transmission, through improvements in compression technology and a reduction in infrastructure costs.For ordinary consumers, convergence offers the facility of equally efficient access to information using a choice of informational electronic mediums, such as nomadic phones, computers and other media devices to access the same information. While the technology is still new and relatively expensive, for example in devices such as mobile phones that also offer the facility of accessing the Internet, or mobile phones married to PCs and cameras (Goldsborough, 2006), costs are likely to go down as convergence improves, thereby providing a boon for customers. For businesses, it provides the opportunity to gain considerable competitive strengths by combining competencies as mentioned above.2. At present, it is possible for the Internet, as well as a local area network or Intranet and an extranet (WAN) to fully converge. This is being done with e-learning for example, where colleges may use the blackboard or Intranet to exchange internal communications, require students to carry out research on the Internet and also encourage access to Extranets such as external library databases. Such converge is occurring

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